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February 19, 2008
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Still workin' on the game. I've got knockdown / get up / knockout logic pretty much done I think. The ragdolls are still pretty broken as you can see here; though in theory she shouldn't fall through the ropes like that, I'll have to see why that happened.
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where would get to play this game. what web site
There are a few download links in the description of this submission: [link]
weskernero Mar 10, 2010
owch now tht gotta hurt
say can u give me the download link of this game please and thnk you[link]
you broke her neck
5aq Feb 29, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very Good!
kammy216 Feb 20, 2008
Good job so far keep up the good work
You just keep chugging on a along and its cool to see the progress with each step :thumbsup:. I like how your choice of colors for the count matches their stamina/health guages. Though depending on the ring, maybe switch and alter the color to match or compliment the rings color design or look? Just an odd thought.

As I am sure you are more focused on the characters rather than the ring/environment as of the moment. But just an idea :lightbulb:. Why not have different sorts of rings. Gotta have the classic Tetsuo Gym ring. Maybe even a more collosal arena style ring, even maybe a rather run down looking gym kinda ring. Or even a backyard/wilderness boxing area out in the dirt and grass.

But leaning away from that little idea, saw how the girl fell through the ropes. Made me think what if their were different sorts of ways for them to collapse? Or a multiple set of ways for them to go flopping to the mat? For example, if they get hit with a jab or hook and fall towards the ropes, they end up getting caught up in them or hanging off of them, even risk tumbling off the ring. But if they get socked with a haymaker, uppercut, or a big style punch, they turbulently get rocked against the ropes, bounces off and splat to the mat, like a slingshot effect kinda.

Maybe even ones for the corner areas too. Whomp someone with a lighter punch and they are near or heading towards one of the corners theyseem to slump into it and flop to their rump, left sitting on the mat in the corner. If its a big punch, they slam into the corner with a loud 'dong' or 'thunk' kinda sound like a flesh to metal impact.

And of course if near the middle of the ring ,free of hitting the ropes or corner... Maybe depending on how low their stamina is and how high their oppoent's stamina is as they connect with the final blow the fighter being sent towards the mat is either knocked over softly, or knocked clean off their feet. More so tumbling physics and such, but hope you enjoy these ideas, if they help any that is. :)
Hehe, good ideas, all. I'll probably eventually make some different rings/arenas to liven things up a bit. But your animation ideas sound like a lot of work, lol! Odds are I'll probably just leave it at the ragdoll knockdowns once I sit down and get them working since they somewhat react to the punch that put the boxer down.
Yeah, working several knockdown animations that work location specifically would be a bit of a hassle. But just had to throw those ideas your way.

Oh and forgot to mention a ring, your club scene ring I saw on your FA account, the hustle and bustle of bartenders serving drinks at the bar and such going on behind the fight would be pretty nifty environment for some boxing.

Oh, and the boxing count, cant beleive I didnt notice it on the first look. But ref seems to be jumping the shark, starting the count before the fighter has officially & fully hit the mat.
Heh, yeah he does, I'll have it wait until the other boxer makes it to a neutral corner or something in the future.
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