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February 18, 2008
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Yet more progress on the game. I added some cheap specular reflections to give the scene some more depth, I'll eventually write some shaders to do some better specular reflections and some shadow mapping, but that will require me to dig through my old shader code for skinned meshes (which could be a chore).

Also in this clip: I added a schoolgirl outfit to see how tough it'll be to add more clothes (the answer: not easy, but not too hard either), added body punches, and high and low blocking.
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This is quite good.
robert03 Jul 28, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow that looks awesome. i have a great idea for a iphone app if you like to colab on it. please let me know
Thanks. There's a demo/perhaps final verison of the game available for download too if you're interested, the link is on my main page.

As for doing another side project, I'm probably too busy with my real-life work to get started on something like that, unfortunately.
kammy216 Feb 19, 2008
Lookin great
Amazing progress! You've already implemented a ton of features! Watching the game develop is very cool =D
It's looking great! Great job Tetsuo.
anbx Feb 18, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
The only words that come up on my head is "Amazing" and sorts of "Wow". The development is getting upwards very fast. And well, i guess its very difficult to add the effects of sweating and the bruises as the fight is going on.

I absolutely loved the reaction when the body is getting hit.

I support you 100% lad.
I was thinking of adding some sweat effects, and it really wouldn't be too difficult to do (mainly just adjusting the specular reflection component of the skin). Bruising would require some decals or something, which I haven't tried before so I can't say how difficult that would be.
Love :heart: how the flow seems to have picked itself up, punch for punch and still fluid movement seems to be becoming more crisp and clear. And the look of each of the punches impacts is looking more rough and realistic with each new preview clip. I have to say Im enjoying the sound effects, certainly helps emphasize those punches. Really brings those punching impacts to life.

:slap:'THUMP' 'BIFF' 'BMMPH':slap:!!!

And especially when/if you get to implementing haymakers and uppercuts I'd love to hear the fierce impacts those punches will leave. Got to work in (if you can) a bit of a vioce system for characters too. Grunts, groans, whimpers, yips, screams, taunts, etc. Hopefully different voices to different characters. And the ambience with the crowd's banter, makes it pretty realistic, and just suggesting, but maybe incorporate an option to switch out the crowd's banter with some actual upbeat boxing music :stereo:.
I do hope to have some voices for the characters; where to find them is the only problem, heh. I may start digging around for them at some point here.

I could probably replace the crowd with music without too much trouble too, just gotta find some decent music to play. :p
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